Five works by Federico Federici (Berlin, Germany)

By Federico Federici (Berlin, Germany) (June 2017)


I am very pleased to be able to share work by Federico Federici on Asemic Front. I believe he is an innovative visual poet and asemic writer. His photography is often text-centered as well and conveys an asemic sensibility, a way of perceiving the world. These first two works are of great interest to me especially because they combine concrete poetry (aka typewriter art) with asemics. The blending is very natural and seamless. While of course these works are highly original, I see the William S. Burroughs-Brion Gysin lineage in them.


By Federico Federici (June 2017)


By Federico Federici (December 2016)


By Federico Federici (Berlin, Germany) (December 2016)


By Federico Federici (December 2015)


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