Ruud Janssen Typed-Over

Ruud-DVS - 12.6.2017 - 1

Collab by Ruud Janssen (Netherlands) and De Villo Sloan (USA)


Ruud dvs - 12.7.2017 - 1d1


Collab foundation by Ruud Janssen (Netherlands)


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Amnesiacs & Asemiacs: Three Pieces by David Chirot

David BC - 12.5.2017 - 11“Cover for an as yet unnamed asemiac book” by David Chirot (Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA”


Asemic Front expands its depth and breadth today with these three asemic pieces by poet, writer and visual poet David Chirot.

AF visitors are likely to be already familiar with the legendary Chirot (also known as David Baptiste-Chirot). I am of the opinion – shared with many others – that he transformed visual poetry in the late 20th century (at a time when it was languishing) and is now a key figure in the post-literature of the 21st century. I am thrilled at long last to be able to provide a platform for his work.

While a master of the image (visual syntax), Chirot’s work has long contained what is now called asemic symbols and texts. In fact, he was among the early asemic pioneers – Jim Leftwich and Tim Gaze come to mind also – who anticipated that asemics and image-oriented visual poetry would merge to become a genre (or subgenre). As a result, Chirot has developed an original and distinctive asemic (anti-)language that, paradoxically, is deeply expressive.

David BC - 12.5.2017 - 21

“Striker rubBEing” by David Baptiste-Chirot

However, despite the fact that he is also a literary theorist of consequence, Chirot has not engaged in the often angry debates about asemic writing that have been so divisive in the international visual poetry community. So I want to make sure AF readers do not assume Chirot is taking positions here when, in fact, I am featuring his work on Asemic Front due to its importance and what I see in it. He has kindly allowed for the presentation of pieces that are fundamentally asemically “purist.”

Indeed, Chirot’s wordplay that I have kept intact – “asemiac” and “asemniac” (amnesiac) – shows a playful or even satirical view of the ever-so-serious subject of asemic writing. While – beyond a doubt – he has an intellectual understanding of the asemic enterprise, Chirot’s iconic “RubBEings” are simply a natural medium for the generation of asemic symbols, syntax and forms. His artistic process produces distortions and deconstructions of the language he finds in his environment and which provides much of his subject matter. I believe asemic conceptualism is simply inherent and thus natural in his work.


David BC - 12.5.2017 - 31

“Asemniac rubBEing” by David Chirot


David BC - 12.5.2017 - 41

“Asemniac rubBEing” by David Chirot (remix by DVS)


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Asemic-Vispo Collab by Moan Lisa, Mudhead and De Villo Sloan

Moan Lisa-Mudhead-DVS 12.3.2017

Collab by Moan Lisa (Iowa, USA), Mudhead (aka Chris Reynolds) (Arizona, USA) and De Villo Sloan (New York, USA)


Moan Lisa has raised the Mudhead/DVS collabs “to the next level” with this incredible digital remix with alterations and embellishments. Among many other things, the piece offers a beautiful integration of concrete poetry with visual images. Many thanks to Moan Lisa!


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Three New Pieces by Carl Baker (Peterborough, Ontario, Canada)

Karl - AF - 11.17.2017 - 1

By Carl Baker (Peterborough, Ontario, Canada)


Following an interesting foray into copy art (previous post) with Joey Patrickt, I am thrilled to share solo pieces by Asemic Front regular Carl Baker that carry a similar theme. These pieces are text (symbol)-oriented and further explore the copy art and black & white aesthetic. Perfect for mid-November meditations.



Karl - AF - 11.17.2017 - 2.jpg


Karl - AF - 11.17.2017 - 3.jpg

By Carl Baker (Canada)


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East Meets West: Collabs by Joey Patrickt (California, USA) & De Villo Sloan (New York, USA)

Joey - 11.9.2017 - 1

Collab by Joey Patrickt (Oakland, California, USA) and De Villo Sloan (Auburn, New York, USA)


Joey - 11.7.2017 - 1

Mail art by Joey Patrickt (Oakland, California, USA)


Joey - 11.7.2017 - 50001

“Smear Cat” – Collab by Joey Patrickt and De Villo Sloan (scanner smear)


Joey - 11.7.2017 - 6

“Smear Cat #3”


Joey - 11.7.2017 - 3

Mail art by Joey Patrickt


Joey - 11.7.2017 - 4

Collab by Joey Patrickt and De Villo Sloan


Joey - 11.7.2017 - 41


Joey - 11.7.2017 - 50002

Mail art by Joey Patrickt (Oakland, California, USA)


joey - 11.7.2017 - 12b1

“Hyper-Glitched Joey” – Joey Patrickt and De Villo Sloan


Joey - 11.7.2017 - 2

Mail art by Joey Patrickt (Oakland, California, USA)


joey - 11.7.2017 - 10a1



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Collabs by Amy Irwen (Rosemount, Minnesota, USA) & David Stanley Aponte (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)

Collabs by Amy Irwen (Minnesota, USA) and David Stanley Aponte (Pennsylvania, USA)

I am thrilled to be able to share these scans of mail art collabs by Amy Irwen and David Stanley Aponte (aka Subreal Alchemy). Amy and David have combined traditional concrete poetry, visual poetry and asemics to create these highly original and – in my estimation – breathtaking works. I hope we can look forward to more by this team!

  • DVS



Asemic Visual Poetry Collabs by Eduardo Cardoso (Portugal) & De Villo Sloan (USA)

Asemic vispo collab by Eduardo Cardoso (Sines, Portugal) and De Villo Sloan (Auburn, New York, USA)


Closer in:






Asemic vispo collab by Eduardo Cardoso (Sines, Portugal) & De Villo Sloan (Auburn, New York, USA)