Rorschach Asemic Collabs by Jan Hodgman (Washington State, USA) & De Villo Sloan (New York, USA)

Asemic collab by Jan Hodgman (Anacortes, Washington, USA) and De Villo Sloan (New York, USA)


I was thrilled when Jan Hodgman agreed to do collabs with me for Asemic Front via snail mail. I believed our styles would gel, but I had to decide on some foundations to send her.

Around the time of the Asemic 16 collaborative book projects (circa 2012), Cheryl Penn (South Africa) and I experimented with inkblots for asemics and visual poetry. We were pleased with the results. That work led us to explore the Rorschach psychological test and how inkblots could be used to tap the unconscious. Based upon my impression of her work, I decided to revisit inkblots with Jan Hodgman: So I made inkblots (red) and used them for the foundations I sent her.

I am very pleased to be able to present the results on Asemic Front. I will leave the psycho-analysis to visitors, but I do believe inkblot pieces function on a psychological level.



By Jan Hodgman & De Villo Sloan


By Jan Hodgman & De Villo Sloan


When the piece above came back, I decided Jan Hodgman wanted me to give it another layer. The red and black we were using became more and more apparent to me. Then I realized the piece reminded me of the work of the late Berkeley, California artist Susan McAllister. Susan loved red and black; she did extraordinary abstract art in red and black. So I took the liberty of turning this piece into an homage to Susan McAllister (and ran it through a few filters too).


“Homage to Susan McAllister” by Jan Hodgman & De Villo Sloan


Asemic Front poster remix by Jan Hodgman & De Villo Sloan


Fab collabs with Jan Hodgman. Many thanks!


2 thoughts on “Rorschach Asemic Collabs by Jan Hodgman (Washington State, USA) & De Villo Sloan (New York, USA)”

    1. I really enjoyed it, Jan.

      SO strange that one of the pieces turned into Ouija Board vispo. We managed to channel my dear, dear friend the late Susan McAllister. I don’t think you had any idea, but you added those dark shapes that made it happen.

      I had no idea either until I was sitting here going over the pieces you returned. This strange awareness came to me: “OMG, that’s Susan McAllister!” Wow



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