Two Asemic Postcards by Jan Hodgman (Anacortes, Washington, USA)

Jan - 1.24.2018 - 1

Asemic postcard by Jan Hodgman (Anacortes, Washington, USA)


Here are two great postcards sent by Asemic Front contributor Jan Hodgman. The international mail art network is certainly providing tremendous support for this project!



Jan - 1.24.2018 - 2


Jan - 1.24.2018 - 3



Jan - 1.24.2018 - 4


Asemic front poster - 3.11-11





City #1 & #2 by Rafael Gonzalez (Spain)

Rafael - 1.22.2018 - 1

City #1 & #2 by Rafael Gonzalez (Mieres (Asturias) and La Laguna (Tenerife) Spain) (2018)


Rafael - 1.22.2018 - 2



Rafael - 1.22.2018 - 3



3.9.2017 - asemic front21

Asemic Vispo Collab by John M. Bennett & Matthew Stolte

JMB Matt 1.18.2018

Collab by John M. Bennett (Columbus, Ohio, USA) and Matthew Stolte (Madison, Wisconsin, USA)



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Asemic Poetry by Donmay Donamayoora (Connecticut, USA)

Donmay 1.2018 - A poem about global warming“A poem about global warming” (2017) by Donmay Donamayoora


Donmay Donamayoora is creating exciting asemic art rooted in calligraphy, painting and collage. I am thrilled to be able to present a sampling of her work on Asemic Front. I hope to be able to share more in the future, as this selection focuses somewhat narrowly on her asemic poetry and more linear constructs. Ultimately, she produces a wide range of material.

“I write poetry in two languages, Malayalam and English,” explains Donmay Donamayoora.  “My first collection of poetry came out in 2012. Another one is due in March of this year. I’m also doing a series of ink works called calligraphy stories which uses calligraphy and plain doodles to tell a story plot. It’s sort of a wordless expression.”

Indeed, Donmay Donmayoora’s work reveals a mastery of the expressive possibilities of asemics. She breaks new ground synthesizing text and image. Her abilities as a poet no doubt contribute to this highly original work. I believe her greatest contributions to date are in the area of asemic poetry, a vast field open for exploration.




Donmay 1.2018 - contemplating on a haiku

Contemplating on a haiku” by Donmay Donamayoora (2017)

Donamayoroora sometimes inscribes her asemic calligraphy on everyday items, producing fascinating and beautiful object poems. As in the case of the work below, some are temporal and suggest the temporal Gutai aesthetic: the decomposition and change of the work over time.


Donmay 1.2018 The sun changes its story

“The sun changes its story” (2017)

Her work captures the impulses of lyric poetry and the “poetic” and uses poetic form.


Donmay 1.2018 - the sun changes its story, a poem

“The sun changes its story, a poem” (2017) by Donmay Donamayoora



Donmay 1.2018 - Noctambulist. A poem

“Noctambulist. A poem” (2017) by Donmay Donamayoora



Donmay 1.2018 - Melancholic Rain

“Vishadamalhar || Melancholic Rain” (2017)



Donmay 1.2018 - dark shades of winter. a poem

“Dark shades of winter, a poem” (2017) by Donmay Donamayoora



Donmay 1.2018 - farewell poem

“Farewell poem” (2017)



donmay pic

Donmay Donamayoora



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Asemic Vispo Collabs by Carina Granlund (Finland) & De Villo Sloan (USA)

Carina DVS - 1.12.2018 - 12aAsemic visual poetry collaboration by Carina Granlund (Petsmo, Finland) and De Villo Sloan (Auburn, New York, USA)


Snail mail collabs usually come together more slowly than digital efforts. But the results often can be more rewarding and memorable, especially if you enjoy delving into – getting hands dirty – the materiality of text and image. These two pieces I did with Carina Granlund were well-worth the wait. It has been wonderful to work with her. I sent her ripped-text starters, which I consider a variation of the cut-up technique. Carina Granlund recognized the concept and ran with it. She interjected her own style and ideas as well with – what I see to be – balance and harmony. I believe her responses are fascinating and create all kinds of textual possibilities. A joy to work with Carina Granlund!



Carina DVS - 1.12.2018 - 9 (good)

Detail of asemic visual poetry collab by Carina Granlund and De Villo Sloan


Carina DVS - 1.12.2018 - 6



Carina DVS - 1.2.2018 - 11a

By Carina Granlund and De Villo Sloan





Carina DVS - 1.13.2018 - 2

Asemic visual poetry collaboration by Carina Granlund (Petsmo, Finland) and De Villo Sloan (Auburn, New York, USA)


Carina DVS - 1.13.2018 - 6 (good!)



Carina DVS - 1.13.2018 - 10a

By Carina Granlund and De Villo Sloan



Carina DVS - 1.13.2018 - 8



Carina DVS 1.13.2018 - 12a (good!)


The reverse side:





Carina DVS - 1.13.2018 - 16a






Asemic Mahjong: A Collab by Ficus strangulensis and Steve Dalachinsky

“Asemi”Fike - Steve - 1.5.2018 - 11

“Asemic Mahjong Meets Anemic Mahjong Player” by Ficus strangulensis (West Virginia, USA) & Steve Dalachinsky (New York City, USA)


When Ficus strangulensis and Steve Dalachinsky combine forces, you know you are going to see something noteworthy. In this case, the legendary duo have turned their scopes upon the asemic writing movement/craze. I like this piece so much I’ve pirated it from Fike’s files for Asemic Front. I hope everyone is OK with it!


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