Asemic Vispo Collabs by Carina Granlund (Finland) & De Villo Sloan (USA)

Carina DVS - 1.12.2018 - 12aAsemic visual poetry collaboration by Carina Granlund (Petsmo, Finland) and De Villo Sloan (Auburn, New York, USA)


Snail mail collabs usually come together more slowly than digital efforts. But the results often can be more rewarding and memorable, especially if you enjoy delving into – getting hands dirty – the materiality of text and image. These two pieces I did with Carina Granlund were well-worth the wait. It has been wonderful to work with her. I sent her ripped-text starters, which I consider a variation of the cut-up technique. Carina Granlund recognized the concept and ran with it. She interjected her own style and ideas as well with – what I see to be – balance and harmony. I believe her responses are fascinating and create all kinds of textual possibilities. A joy to work with Carina Granlund!



Carina DVS - 1.12.2018 - 9 (good)

Detail of asemic visual poetry collab by Carina Granlund and De Villo Sloan


Carina DVS - 1.12.2018 - 6



Carina DVS - 1.2.2018 - 11a

By Carina Granlund and De Villo Sloan





Carina DVS - 1.13.2018 - 2

Asemic visual poetry collaboration by Carina Granlund (Petsmo, Finland) and De Villo Sloan (Auburn, New York, USA)


Carina DVS - 1.13.2018 - 6 (good!)



Carina DVS - 1.13.2018 - 10a

By Carina Granlund and De Villo Sloan



Carina DVS - 1.13.2018 - 8



Carina DVS 1.13.2018 - 12a (good!)


The reverse side:





Carina DVS - 1.13.2018 - 16a







Asemic Collab by Lin Tarczynski, Steve Dalachinsky & Ficus strangulensis

BFike Steve lin - 1.5.2018 - 21

By Lin Tarczynski (California, USA), Steve Dalachinsky (New York City, USA) and Ficus stangulensis (West Virginia, USA)



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Asemic Mahjong: A Collab by Ficus strangulensis and Steve Dalachinsky

“Asemi”Fike - Steve - 1.5.2018 - 11

“Asemic Mahjong Meets Anemic Mahjong Player” by Ficus strangulensis (West Virginia, USA) & Steve Dalachinsky (New York City, USA)


When Ficus strangulensis and Steve Dalachinsky combine forces, you know you are going to see something noteworthy. In this case, the legendary duo have turned their scopes upon the asemic writing movement/craze. I like this piece so much I’ve pirated it from Fike’s files for Asemic Front. I hope everyone is OK with it!


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Two Vispo-Asemic Pieces by Helen Amyes (York, Western Australia)

Helen Amyes - 1.4.2018 - 1a

Asemic visual poetry by Helen Amyes (York, Western Australia)


Helen Amyes is a fantastic visual artist from Australia. I first became aware of her work through her involvement in the Eternal Network (international mail art network). She is a very fine painter, and I suggest you spend some time with her work online.

At least since I first met her in 2010, Helen Amyes – and her husband Paul – have enthusiastically supported mail art and made many friends across the globe. We’ve had great fun and shared serious art. However, Helen and I have not been in touch for some time (as tends to happen in mail art). I am thrilled that she sent these pieces that are ideal for the Asemic Front project. In fact, how could Asemic Front ever be complete without contributions by Helen?

In addition to her other visual art talents, Helen Amyes has a gift for verbal-textual (visual poetry) compositions. She has created compelling and original visual poetry. So the Eternal Network with its emphasis on vispo has always been particularly receptive to this aspect of her work. As these works testify, her art has asemic elements as well. (There was no great emphasis on asemics a few years ago when Helen and I were corresponding on a more regular basis.)

Asemic Front has clearly shown that Australia is a leader in the current asemic writing movement. I am very happy to be able to include work by Helen Amyes!


The reverse side of the opening piece:


Helen Amyes - 1.4.2018 - 2a


Helen Amyes - 1.4.2018 - 3a

By Helen Amyes


Helen Amyes - 1.4.2018 - 4a



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Asemiotics by Mud Head (aka Chris Reynolds) (Payson, Arizona, USA)

Mudhead - 1.2.2018 - 1a

By Mud Head (aka Chris Reynolds) (Payson, Arizona, USA)


Already an established Asemic Front contributor, Mud Head sent this spectacular piece deeply relevant to the project. The work is approximately 8 X 10 inches and presented on what appears to be a magazine page.

Mud Head’s work is already well known in the visual poetry community as well as the Eternal Network (and beyond). He is clearly an immensely talented visual artist. Of great importance, his interests extend to poetry, the occult, asemics, semiotics, the visionary experience and conceptualism.

Thus – as the work above testifies – he is involved in symbol generation and esoteric iconography. His interest in semiotics is of special interest: Mud Head is not only focused on symbol creation. He is involved in the creation of and exploration of larger structures that contain symbols (forms) and relations among symbols (sometimes called visual syntax). I have named this (largely uncharted) study of asemic structures (asemic poetics, asemic syntax) “Asemiotics.”

Mud Head is one of the few and best Asemioticians I know. His work is always of great interest to AF.

  • DVS

Here is the reverse side:


Mudhead - 1.2.2018 - 2a


Mudhead - 1.2.2018 - 3a



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Asemic Front Collabs by Tiina Kainulainen (Helsinki, Finland) & De Villo Sloan (New York, USA)

Tiina-DVS 12.30.2017 - 21

Collab by Tiina Kainulainen (Helsinki, Finland) & De Villo Sloan (New York, USA)


These collabs were successfully completed several months ago. Tiina Kainulainen documented them beautifully on her blog and shared them with others. I had been waiting for them to return via snail mail so I could document them for Asemic Front as well. As sometimes happens in the postal system, the hard copies never arrived after lengthy period of time. Thus, I’ve done my own remixes here from Tiina’s already excellent scans. I love the pieces and would like to have my own records. Many thanks to Tiina Kainulainen! I hope we can do more vispo collabs in the future.



Tiina-DVS 12.30.2017 - 31

Collab by Tiina Kainulainen & De Villo Sloan (DVS remix)



Tiina - DVS - 7.26.2017 - 1

Original foundation by De Villo Sloan



Tiina-DVS 12.30.2017 - 11

Collab by Tiina Kainulainen & De Villo Sloan



Tinna - DVS - 7.27.2017 - 2


Original foundation by DVS


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Asemic Writing by Nadia Aroca (Barcelona, Spain)

Nadia Aroca 12.29.2017 - 1

Asemic writing by Nadia Aroca (Barcelona, Spain)


In addition to being obviously a very talented artist, Nadia Aroca is a member of the asemic writing group at the IUOMA, which is consistently producing fine and innovative asemic art and visual poetry. In my estimation, Nadia has excellent aesthetic and conceptual perspectives on asemics. I am deeply grateful she is sharing her work with Asemic Front.

Nadia Aroca is also an active member of the Eternal Network (international mail art). So this piece – in the grand tradition of Ray Johnson and Fluxus – has passed through the postal system and exists in the material realm as well as the digital. Here are some detail studies:

Nadia Aroca - 12.29.2017 - 2


Nadia Aroca - 12.29.2017 - 3


The reverse side:


Nadia Aroca - 12.29.2017 - 4


Nadia Aroca - 12.30.2017 - 6


Nadia Aroca - 12.30.2017 - 7



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