“Studies in Material Culture” Starter for Asemic Front Collabs

Material Culture - 11“Studies in Material Culture” by De Villo Sloan: A starter for an Asemic Front collab series.


I hope I’m not making things too complicated, but I am launching a collaboration series (a sub-series) within the Asemic Front project. (Asemic Front will not be closing any time soon.) This new series is called “Studies in Material Culture” and addresses – as you surely must ascertain – the materiality of asemics. The question is: Does this interest you?

If so, contact me and I will send a starter. Otherwise, I am selecting visual poets and artists whom I believe are working with material culture in interesting ways. In the meantime, the Asemic Front you know (and hopefully love as I do) will continue as you’ve known it. I will still post regular asemics, visual poetry, concrete poetry and related work that is not necessarily connected to anthropological or linguistic issues of cultural production.

Here is the concept: Consider the “Studies in Material Culture” starter sheet the cover of a journal. (No such publication exists (although there is actually a related academic journal devoted to material culture; AF has no connection to the other journal.)

Assuming a focus on visual poetry and asemics, help to design this cover for our “Studies in Material Culture.” Perhaps you might want to consider the collab a page of this imaginary journal. That’s okay. Hopefully, we will have many pieces in the series. Again, feel free to contact me if you would like to participate in “Studies in Material Culture.”




Material Culture - 2 (good)



Material Culture 10 a



Material culture - 4



Material Culture - 6Asemic Front starter by De Villo Sloan for the “Studies in Material Culture” Series



Material Culture 12 good




Asemic front poster - 3.11-11

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