Text Weave & Asemic Vispo by Audrey Enough (Montreal, Canada)

Beverly Monk - 2.23.2016 - 11Asemic vispo by Audrey Enough (Montreal, Canada)


An artist using the network moniker Audrey Enough is a new shining star in the IUOMA asemic writing group. She (I am fairly confident) wowed members with these exciting first pieces that I am thrilled to share here with the Asemic Front audience.

A few years ago amazing visual poetry text weaves were circulating in the Eternal Network. Among other things, they offered new possibilities for the cut-up technique. Cheryl Penn (South Africa) and Tina Festa (Italy) did outstanding text weaves, but there were others as well. I am very pleased indeed to be able to encourage this revival of the subgenre by the enigmatic Audrey Enough.

I hope Audrey Enough does not prove to be a mirage like Miss Noma or Grigori Antonin (peculiarities of the Eternal Network). Audrey Enough clearly can make great contributions to visual poetry and asemic writing. I hope to share more of her work on AF.



Beverly Monk - 2.23.2016 - 21Detail study


Beverly Monk - 2.23.2018 - 31By Audrey Enough (Montreal, Canada)



Beverly Monk 2.23.2018 - 41



Beverly Monk 2.23.2018 - 51



Asemic front poster - 3.11-11


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