New Asemic Writing by Donmay Donamayoora (Connecticut, USA)

Donmay Listening to Red“Listening to Red” by Donmay Donamayoora (Connecticut, USA)



Donmay - Listen Red detail 2.15.20181“Listening to Red” detail study



Donmay Burning through Red 2.15“Burning through to Red” by Donmay Donamayoora



Donmay Murmuration of imaginary characters“Murmuration of Imaginary Characters” by Donmay Donamayoora



Donmay Monostichs 2.15“Monostitches” by Donmay Donamayoora



Donmay Monostitch about the Depth of Night“Monostitch about the Depths of Night” by Donmay Donamayoora



Asemic front poster - 3.11-11

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