With aPologies to Vispo by Alicia Starr Ryan (Iowa, USA)

Alicia 2.19.2018 - 1Asemic mail art by Alicia Starr Ryan (Iowa City, Iowa, USA)


Alicia Starr Ryan is a very talented visual artist as well as a friend and supporter of the Eternal Network. She is  associated with network visual poetry and asemic writing efforts of recent years. I am pleased to be able to share her work on Asemic Front.

For all the emphasis on theory and method, asemic writers – luckily – are excellent humorists too. They often turn that sparkling wit to satire and parody of the “asemic condition.” This work amounts to a subgenre of great interest and fun. (In fact, David Stafford of New Mexico, USA is making a career of asemic parody.) Most important – I believe – is the gentle reminder we should never take ourselves too seriously!



Alicia 2.19.2018 - 2






Alicia 2.19.2018 - 3


A very attractive package!


Alicia - 2.19.2018 - 5a1Asemic visual poetry by Alicia Starr Ryan (Iowa City, Iowa, USA)


Asemic front poster - 3.11-11

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