Two Vispo-Asemic Pieces by Helen Amyes (York, Western Australia)

Helen Amyes - 1.4.2018 - 1a

Asemic visual poetry by Helen Amyes (York, Western Australia)


Helen Amyes is a fantastic visual artist from Australia. I first became aware of her work through her involvement in the Eternal Network (international mail art network). She is a very fine painter, and I suggest you spend some time with her work online.

At least since I first met her in 2010, Helen Amyes – and her husband Paul – have enthusiastically supported mail art and made many friends across the globe. We’ve had great fun and shared serious art. However, Helen and I have not been in touch for some time (as tends to happen in mail art). I am thrilled that she sent these pieces that are ideal for the Asemic Front project. In fact, how could Asemic Front ever be complete without contributions by Helen?

In addition to her other visual art talents, Helen Amyes has a gift for verbal-textual (visual poetry) compositions. She has created compelling and original visual poetry. So the Eternal Network with its emphasis on vispo has always been particularly receptive to this aspect of her work. As these works testify, her art has asemic elements as well. (There was no great emphasis on asemics a few years ago when Helen and I were corresponding on a more regular basis.)

Asemic Front has clearly shown that Australia is a leader in the current asemic writing movement. I am very happy to be able to include work by Helen Amyes!


The reverse side of the opening piece:


Helen Amyes - 1.4.2018 - 2a


Helen Amyes - 1.4.2018 - 3a

By Helen Amyes


Helen Amyes - 1.4.2018 - 4a



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