Asemic Writing by Nadia Aroca (Barcelona, Spain)

Nadia Aroca 12.29.2017 - 1

Asemic writing by Nadia Aroca (Barcelona, Spain)


In addition to being obviously a very talented artist, Nadia Aroca is a member of the asemic writing group at the IUOMA, which is consistently producing fine and innovative asemic art and visual poetry. In my estimation, Nadia has excellent aesthetic and conceptual perspectives on asemics. I am deeply grateful she is sharing her work with Asemic Front.

Nadia Aroca is also an active member of the Eternal Network (international mail art). So this piece – in the grand tradition of Ray Johnson and Fluxus – has passed through the postal system and exists in the material realm as well as the digital. Here are some detail studies:

Nadia Aroca - 12.29.2017 - 2


Nadia Aroca - 12.29.2017 - 3


The reverse side:


Nadia Aroca - 12.29.2017 - 4


Nadia Aroca - 12.30.2017 - 6


Nadia Aroca - 12.30.2017 - 7



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