Asemic Front Exclusive: Two New Asemic Pieces by Laura Ortiz (Toronto, Canada)

Laura Ortiz 12.27.2017 - 1

Asemic art by Laura Ortiz (Toronto, Canada)


I am thrilled to be able to premier two new asemic pieces by Laura Ortiz. She reports that she created these beautiful compositions for Asemic Front. I am very grateful. So remember: You saw them here first. Here are some detail pics that reveal the fantastic calligraphy:

Laura Ortiz 12.27.2017 - 21


Laura Ortiz 12.27.2017 - 31


Laura Ortiz 12.27.2017 - 4

“Mandala” by Laura Ortiz (Toronto, Canada)


Laura Ortiz 12.27.2017 - 51


asemic frontlogo


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