A Vispo Birthday: New Asemic Writing by Kerri Pullo (Part I)

Asemic writing by Kerri Pullo (Arizona, USA)


Kerri Pullo recently celebrated a birthday. Asemic Front is thrilled to share some of her work with the visual poetry community to honor the occasion. Kerri Pullo has the distinction of being an artist-writer who has had a huge impact on the evolving field of asemic writing. She has only been involved with asemics for a relatively short time. From the perspective of Asemic Front, she has become widely recognized and influential.



This Part I presents more minimal work by Kerri Pullo. (These (relatively) minimal works were explored in an earlier AF blog.) While this is a celebration of Kerri’s birthday, she – alas – generously provided the gift. She sent me via snail mail a package with work that appeared in the previous blog as well as these newer pieces. Asemic Front is already building an impressive Kerri Pullo collection. Deepest thanks! Here is a beautiful (and more complex) piece:


Asemics by Kerri Pullo


A detail study:


These are hard copies of pieces that appeared previously on Asemic Front that were based on digital versions. Wonderful to have the originals!






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