Two Asemic Canvases by Anneke Baeten (Sydney, Australia)


Asemics by Anneke Baeten (Sydney, Australia)


Anneke Baeten is well-known in the current, burgeoning asemic art community. Like many other asemicists, she is utilizing the postal system as well as the international mail art network (which has embraced asemics). Anneke Baeten sent these two beautiful canvas pieces especially for Asemic Front. It is a thrill indeed to include her work in the project.

Anneke Baeten’s work is very advanced and true to the asemic concept. While it is aesthetically pleasing, she has unquestionably constructed an asemic language (possibly several) with non-referential symbols, syntax and larger textual structures. The generation of her asemics is rooted in the calligraphy tradition, even though it’s natural to identify her as a painter, or at least painterly. She generates lush, imaginative worlds of meta-language.





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