Asemic Cut-Ups by Dorina Harangus (Hechingen, Germany)

Mail art by Dorina Harangus (Hechingen, Germany)

I have to admit that due mostly to my own limitations I am not sure of the conscious intent of this piece, if that even matters. Applying my own interpretation, though, I see a wonderful contribution to the Asemic Front in these bundled, cut-up strips.

I am not sure, for instance, if Dorina Harangus means this to be a collaboration. The piece is so elegant and self-enclosed that I cannot bring myself to make any more changes than I already have. The placement of the bundle in the envelope is extremely interesting:

The piece has a certain Trashpo vibe as well.

My problem is reading the note. If anyone can shed any light, it would be greatly appreciated.

Now back to the bundle, which is itself a material form and, with the strips, creates a syntax as well:



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